Who We Are


What began as Heavenly Printing in 1992 became an enterprise in 2006, and as the needs of our clients have grown, so have our services.

Today, Heavenly Enterprises is not only a full-service print, design and promotional products company, but under destinedtopublish.com, we are now a complete publishing house.

Marilyn, along with her husband, Joey, has great vision for the future of destinedtopublish.com and its parent company, Heavenly Enterprises Midwest. We are excited to be a part of your vision as well.

We Are The Missing Piece

We are VERY excited to be a part of your publishing venture! Writing can be an intimidating experience and no one should have to go it alone. Let us help you enter into a realm of total creativity . . . a world in which you hold the reins to where you want your ideas to go.

From receiving your first phone call to accepting delivery of your published manuscript, our job during this exciting process is to take your manuscript from concept to completion.

Heavenly Enterprises was founded in 1992 as a graphic design company. Over the past two decades, we have grown and developed into a company that not only assists with publishing your manuscript, but also offers web design and advertising specialty products as well. Our authors know that we maintain high standards and offer excellent customer service, reliability and product quality.

Each member of our coaching, editing and graphic design teams brings years of experience and great wisdom to every project they encounter. The entire staff at Heavenly Enterprises is gifted with creativity and our designs are unique within themselves. Our customer service and attention to detail are exceptional.

The team at Heavenly Enterprises has served our clients with excellence for over twenty years. Our goal has been and will always be to “Bring a Touch of Heaven . . . to Your Door.”


Let us take you from manuscript writer to published author in as few as eight weeks. Keep 100% of your manuscript rights, make 100% of the profits, stay 100% in control.