What is an anthology?

An anthology is a book where a community of writers come together, and each person writes a chapter.

Am I qualified to write a chapter?

Absolutely! You have an inspirational journey that should be shared; your sharing may be just the thing that another person needs to help them reach their success on their journey.

Will I be writing alone?

You will not write alone. You will receive three group coaching sessions to enhance what you are already bringing to the table. In like manner, you will be connected to a community of men and women from all around the world, with the same goal and end in mind: to help others become better as a result of reading the victory inspirational story you have shared. There will be times of collaboration and connection with your community, and you will enjoy the richness found in connectivity.

Will my chapter be edited?

Each author’s chapter will go to editing by our professional team of editors. They will make suggestions for edits while ensuring that your voice is never lost so the audience will hear and feel what you have relayed to them.

Where will the book be able to be purchased?

FREE copies of the book will be given to each contributor to be sold from their individual inventory. Additional copies may be purchased at wholesale pricing from Destined to Publish.

Will my book be available online?

For those who purchase the Premium Package, you will get access to an exclusive web page where you can send your customers to purchase the book. The webpage will include your photo and a brief author bio.

How will I get paid for online sales?

In order to receive payment for sales through the website, you must have an active PayPal business account for the funds to be easily transferred to you. Your regular PayPal account can easily be converted to a business account within minutes without any issues for you.

Will there be a launch day?

Yes! There will be a live Zoom launch, where each contributor will join the founding author. Each contributor will be free to post and market the book on their individual social media pages so that everyone will be able to celebrate with you, learn about and get access to the Zoom launch, and be able to purchase your book.

When will the book be released?

The book is anticipated to be released within three-and-a-half to four months following your initial coaching session.